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Black River Art

Project ideas started in the summer of 2009 with my neighbor Mustio School principal Jari Salminen. Thus, the ideas face to face were very spontaneous and smooth. Jari was inspired very much. I wanted to connect to my project in some way ecology and our own environment and land-use rights and responsibilities. However, the project became, was born and grew more of rising our village spirit. I worked with 5-6 class Finnish-speaking and with the Swedish-speaking pupils. Children were free to paint what they wanted for election poster that was exhibited in May 2010 in a small center of our village. The fear of vandalism against art was perhaps the most meaningful thing among young people. We were aware of the visual arts by visiting the modern art museum (EMMA) and teaching contemporary art through power point presentation using a small number of Finnish and international artists and their works (eg Banksy).
We were also dealing with Article 20 of the Constitution of Finland, the responsibility for the environment, its substance and meaning. And we got police to visit a class and tell the meaning of the article ..

Chapter 2
Fundamental rights
Section 20 Responsibility for the Environment
Nature and its biodiversity, the environment and cultural heritage belongs to everyone.
The public authorities shall endeavor to guarantee the right to a healthy environment as well as the opportunity to influence decisions that concern their living environment.

Young people enjoy the painting process, and were proud of the huge works, which were under the eyes of all people in the village and which took into account a number of local newspapers. And, fortunately, no vandalism happened.








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