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"Early sources" at the Seinäjoki Art Hall 2010

My socially engaged project with Seinäjoki pupils started in autumn 2009 when the then Seinäjoki City Culture Secretary Tea Pääkkönen asked me about my chances of guiding Seinäjoki's teenagers. Tea had read about my workshops and was very interested.

I worked together with the 15-year-old youths, all together they were 450 people. We painted together a long river around art halls walls.
Before starting the painting, I kept a lecture about the state of our waters: I told the moorings of oceans, chemical cocktails, and how all the toxins we put into the ground or sewage pollute our environment. How you can find lipstick from the meat of whale, or how facecleaning small plastic balls destroy our enviroment.

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