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Scampia Laundry

I spent a week in southern Italy in Naples and there in Scampia. Scampia is one of the most difficult neighborhoods to live in Italy. The crime is wild and so are kids too. I was taken part to an art symposium that organized lots of free things for kidsto do and also helped them to past school. Anyway, oranizer are doing lots of good there. Here you can check more if you want:

I decided to work with kids and let them do very expressive painting with old cloths. I made an installation with painted cloths. Mostly between 7 and 14years old children were taking part of workshop. We paint old used waisted cloths, what I collected side of the roads in Scampia and hanged them as a loundry between two roads opposite of Casarcobaleno what was the place where we worked and lived.

In Italy, familys are drying cloths outside and doing it even they are living in Fift floor, they just hang the lines from window. So I thought it would be very intresting also that way to set the laundry line out side between streets.

People do not really mind their communal areas in Scampia. I noticed that place look pretty rotten but feels that people are taking good care of each others or better maybe say they are taking care of their families, but not at all public areas. There is so much rubbish everywhere. So I also wanted to make art out side to all people to see and wonder and enjoy the communal area.

I also thought it was important for the kids to have the opportunity to show their relatives what they did with their own hand.




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