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My Grandmothers House

This art exhibition took place at the Seinäjoki Art Hall in October 2010. It was my graduation exhibition from my BA studies from the Turku University of applied sciences Art Academy. My written thesis was a description of the "My Grandmothers House" exhibition. The exhibition was made up of video works  and graphics , which create an unified installation. As a starting point for my whole show were my family roots.

During my art project, I became familiar with the importance of photography, in both empowering and therapeutic photography in art, and I also considered my installation for self-portrait work.

I did reseach my grandmother's old photos. I also compared my own life with my grandmother's and my mother's life. I wrote down my memories from my childhood and of my family. I interviewed my grandmother and my mother and I wrote down their memories. This has been the content of my art and it was very important to myself. Working on this artistic work has been like a journey where the goal was not the most important thing, but the journey itself.

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