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In 2019, ISEAS explores relationships between man and nature. It produces community-based events in which an international artist - environmental researcher working with nature, communities, lake, mussels, mushrooms and trees interacting with each other. ISEAS raises the impression that we are part of a larger entity and not superior to the living and the uninitiated. Community-based work has three goals: to bring environmental research into communities 'perception', to cope with the local natural conditions and to ask people how to live in an equal relationship with elements of nature, animals, plants, and non-living objects.
ISEAS 2019 produces artistic interventions in four different ways: 1) It presents an open invitation to the Raseborg residents to participate in a certain natural state at a given time. The activities are documented and analyzed by both an art researcher and an environmental researcher. 2) Calling named entities; special groups, schools and work communities for community-based activities in a natural habitat chosen by the community. The activities are documented and analyzed by both an art researcher and an environmental researcher. 3) It sends artists to nature to contact the living and non-living objects there. Activities are filmed and written together with environmental researchers. 4) It presents a scientific and artistic exhibition on the environmental research and the information about it
All artistic working methods developed by ISEAS will remain available for use by the entire research team and through them through the use of new artists and communities. The methods can also be renewed for other operators.
The work includes the Raasepori Nature Association and the Finnish Association of Nature Conservation Associations. Their role is to divide the information on environmental research into ISEAS as an analyst of functional works of art together with an artist researcher and as a scientist in the project, as a disseminator and a spokesman for a written work (published as both an eyeprint and a printed version).
Thinking about ISEAS is central to dealing with a responsible world relationship, the initiation of interdependence between man and nature, a sustainable way of living where reasonableness and sufficiency is re-evaluated, and experimenting with how a new kind of rhythm could be possible in the dialogic understanding.
b) Production of a book from 2019 symposium, working group Katja Juhola, Mari Krappala, two symposiums and four
enviromental researcher. All writers also have a strong researcher or curator background. All authors also have a strong researcher or curator background, and thus they are able to write events broadly, but each with their own voice in their own contexts; from their lands, from their artistic ideas and from their research sphere. The different voices of the authors guarantee the work of a multi-voice and significant environmental study, its dissemination and the combining of social art with nature.
The book is made in Finnish and English e-book and printed in English. The work title for the book is 'In Nature'

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